RPA Challenge

One of the biggest RPA challenges is maintenance needs which is mainly but not limited to being faced during the first few months of RPA implementation. Maintenance is key when it comes to keeping the RPA up and running, as well as maintaining the efficiency.
BR-Metrics overcomes the challenge with transaction based data, real-time monitoring and prediction methods. RPA Vendor supplied tools helps monitoring and reporting but more detailed and custom tailored solution is mandatory for maintaining the processes and organizing the robots.
BR-Metrics collects process specific information and queue/transaction/job data from running robots. While monitoring real-time data on pre designed dashboards, BR-Metrics also triggers exception and anomaly based alarms.

BR Metrics uses time series database and easy to setup dashboards. In addition to ready made dashboards, you can insert any kind of metrics for any process at any period without touching to database and configure dashboards easily.


BR-Metrics looks for the answers to the following questions:

  • When did the running job start and when will it be finished? No matter if multiple robots are running for the job.
  • How many transactions has been processed till now and how many of them are remaining?
  • Is there an exception or alert on a running job that RPA Team should take care of immediately?
  • Is there an anomalous behavior on running job that does not produce exception?
  • What is the maximum transaction time on a running job till now and in which transaction does it belong to?
  • How did the latest update of the process effect the average transaction time? Compare average times of multiple past jobs.
  • If there is a system exception caught on a running process which other processes will also be effected from the same exception?
  • How effectively are the existing robots being used? Is there a necessity for additional robots in the near future?
  • What is the availability, performance and quality metrics for each robot?

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